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Thy Kingdom Come

A Conference on the Bible, Theology and the Future

Westminster, London
17-18 October 2014


Thy Kingdom Come: A Conference on the Bible, Theology and the Future brings together leading Bible scholars from the UK and USA to explore what the Bible says about our world.

With human rights abuses, the environment, and the threat of war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction constantly in the news, what is our hope as Christians and what does the Bible say about what the future holds?

Surveying a broad cross-section of biblical passages, the Thy Kingdom Come conference seeks to equip believers with the tools to discern properly what the Scriptures teach about the world and the future.

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Dr Derek Tidball Dr Calvin Smith Dr Mitch Glaser Dr Darrell Bock Mr Daniel Nessim Dr Craig Blaising
Dr Derek Tidball
Dr Calvin Smith
Dr Mitch Glaser
Dr Darrell Bock
Mr Daniel Nessim
Dr Craig Blaising
Dr Derek Tidball is the former Principal of London School of Theology and has previously chaired various national Evangelical organisations, including serving as Vice President of the Evangelical Alliance (UK). He currently chairs the Alliance’s council. He is the author of Who Are the Evangelicals? and many other books. Dr Calvin L. Smith (Ph. D., University of Birmingham) is Principal and Director of Postgraduate Studies at King's Evangelical Divinity School, United Kingdom. He is the editor of the Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics. He speaks and publishes widely in eschatology and the Church and Israel. Dr Mitch Glaser is the president of Chosen People Ministries USA and is the co-recipient of Christianity Today magazine's 2009 Award of Merit in the Apologetics / Evangelism category for the book To The Jew First, which was co-edited with Darrell Bock. Drs. Glaser and Bock also co-edited The Gospel According to Isaiah 53. Dr. Darrell Bock has international recognition as a Humboldt Scholar, for his work in Luke-Acts, historical Jesus study, biblical theology, as well as messianic Jewish ministries. He was president of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) for 2000-2001, serves as editor-at-large for Christianity Today and is on the board of Chosen People Ministries and Wheaton College. He has authored over thirty books on biblical topics. Daniel Nessim is the Executive Director of Chosen People Ministries (UK) and vice president of the British Messianic Jewish Alliance. His latest book is Derech Yeshua: The Way of Salvation. He is currently a research student in early Church history at the University of Exeter. Dr Craig Blaising is Executive Vice President, Provost and Professor of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is author of numerous books and a contributor to Zondervan's Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond (1999).

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Conference Programme:

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19:30 - The Coming Kingdom and the Lord's Prayer
Dr Derek Tidbal > Matthew 6


10:30 - The Coming Kingdom and the Hope of Israel
Dr Calvin Smith > Romans 11

11:15 - The Coming Kingdom and the Great Commission
Dr Mitch Glaser > Matthew 28


13:15 - The Coming Kingdom and the Words of Jesus
Dr Darrell Bock

14:15 - The Coming Kingdom and the Day of the Lord
Mr Daniel Nessim > Joel 2


17:00 - The Coming Kingdom and Biblical Interpretation
Dr Craig Blaising

18:00 - Panel Discussion, Q&A

18:45 - Conference Ends

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Sponsored by Kings Evangelical Divinity School and Chosen People Ministries (UK)

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